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Manage your finances with Independent Financial Advice

Regulated by the FCA, Tantum Financial Services provide unbiased advice for individuals, business owners and corporations to make the most and improve their financial performance. Whether it is increasing your investment portfolio, creating a bigger pension pot or securing your home Tantum Financial can help. 

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Financial Planning

A goal without a plan is a wish. Securing your financial future starts with a plan! Planning a road map to achieve financial freedom, reach personally set milestones or making sure your future is well cared for, it all starts with a plan. For individuals and businesses Tantum will help you creating a plan with achievable goals and expert advice that will get you from A to B to C with ease.


Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime which is why it is important to make sure you get the right mortgage for your situation. As your situation changes, how you repay your mortgage might too and getting the right solutions tailored to you will make going home even sweeter.

Pensions and Retirement

Pension advice is at the core of what we do, a pension is one of the biggest sources of retirement income and making sure you have enough to live the lifestyle you deserve is the most important. Navigating the complex pension landscape can be daunting and understanding what you have, the options available to you and making the best decisions for your situation requires professional advice. As in independent financial advisor, I work with each person individually to understand your current situation and financial goals to find the best solution for you. With annual meetings, we break down pensions in a way that is easy to understand and that will allow you the freedom to choose the life you want for yourself after work.


Make an investment in your future with professional advisor by your side. Take control of your financial future with an investment strategy that can weather any storm. Investments aren’t reserved for the super wealthy and the long-term benefits can help you reach your future financial goals. Start your investment journey today and discover where it can lead you.

Our ethos

Financial Advice Services should be accessible to everyone.

Case Studies

Personal Testimonials

I cannot recommend Linda enough! She has helped with numerous financial transactions in purchasing a house, explained the various options for future wealth building in layman terms, and advised me on the best financial decisions for *my* future.

She made me feel comfortable while conveying her knowledge and trustworthiness. As a person who does not have sufficient amounts of wealth, she made me feel that my savings was worth a million £s and she valued it as if her own. Regardless of your level of funds, please seek out Linda to help grow your financial future.

Emma P

Financial Advice

Myself and my wife were buying our first house and my sister recommended we use Linda to advise us on mortgages and completing the deal on this.

Linda was great throughout. She was really proactive in looking at the best mortgages on the market that would suit myself and my wife at the time. As this was our first time buying a house, the advice Linda gave us throughout the whole process was invaluable, and as with any first time buyer, but Linda held our hand the whole way through and she dealt with everything. She also dealt with and advised us of all of the insurances we would need, plus dealt with our Wills.

Tom H

Mortgage - First Time Buyers

Linda is just excellent from the start of the process to the finish. Communicative at all stages, she spends a huge amount of time carefully assessing the best strategy that would meet our needs now and in the future.

Although I find the financial world very complicated Linda takes the time to explain everything to me and helps me make the very best decisions for me and my family.
I would thoroughly recommend her services.

Hayley B-P

Mortgage & Financial Advice
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